How important is a great Profile Image?

So you want to impress potential clients, partners or employers with a headshot that makes you look like a professional in your industry?

Sure you do, everyone does, right?

Remember first impressions are everything, especially online.

You have seconds to make an impression before viewers of your web page, social media profiles, LinkedIn profiles make a decision about you and move on.

OK, I’m not saying this is how it should be but unfortunately it often is and I am regularly surprised by how little importance business people place on how they or their businesses look online.

Profile photos should be professional, reflecting your personality and style or brand.

Tip: It’s a good idea to use the same profile image across all of your social media profiles as it makes it easier for visitors to recognise you/your brand.

Here’s 5 Hot Tips to creating the right image..

  • Have a clean or monotone background
    Make sure the background isn’t busy or complicated so you remain the focal point of the photo.
  • Present your best image
    Your profile picture should feature you exclusively and I strongly recommend you consider hiring a professional photographer or skilled friend to take a great headshot that features you, exclusively.
    (Make sure that you don’t ‘cut’ someone out of the photo cropping it or use that picture you think you look fabulous in from your last night out).
  • Choose Colour Carefully
    Years of research indicates colour can influence how people judge you.

    • Red may be too sassy or powerful
    • Green suggests balance, wealth
    • Blue suggests calm and honesty.
    • Alternatively consider a powerful black and white image.
  • Smile
    It doesn’t matter how conservative the company or organisation is that you work with or how professional you want to appear, smiling is like a free face-lift and creates an instant connection. It de-ages you and makes you instantly more approachable. Don’t underestimate this form of non-verbal communication in your profile picture.
  • Smile
    Did I mention the importance of your smile?

Put your Best Face Forward!